I've been woken up by this fella flying around my bedroom.

I'm frankly not overly impressed by her powers of echolocation as she can't seem to find the wide open door.

I'm also slightly anxious about catching a novel coronavirus.

Seems like she's a common long-eared bat, who apparently curl their ears at rest. That's a fact I didn't know I was going to learn in the middle of the night.

This is sad, and confirms my great dislike of charities as a legal structure.. with their undemocratic, power-over structures.

At Monkton Wyld, several people, including Simon Fairlie who publishes The Land magazine and The Land Is Ours website (oh the irony) are being kicked out of the intentional community they have lived in for years by new trustees.

Legal fundraising resistance festival starts there next week

"Cultural Creatives are described as people who care deeply about humanity and are committed to saving the planet and pursuing social justice. Today a conservative estimate would point to 700+ million Cultural Creatives worldwide. This number, as a demographic, does not necessarily include the 370 million Indigenous people...

"Cultural Creatives are not yet aware of themselves as a collective body, they do not recognize how powerful their voices could be."


I'm offering another Work That Reconnects workshop. With the climate and industrial growth system clearly unravelling around us, come and share feelings and gain resource, inspiration, and direction, in this experiential workshop.

I hope to keep offering workshops monthly in Bath if their is need. Rarely, this one will be on a Saturday! Do share to anyone you think may find it helpful. Gift economy.


There are a few places left on my workshop coming up this Monday in Bath, in case anyone would like to come.


And today I enjoyed making a new drawing of the Work That Reconnects spiral process... 🙂

So scientists have 'disvovered' what Permaculturalists have been saying for decades:
“Our results demonstrate that [ecological farming methods] could play an important role in the development of future sustainable farming systems … There are undoubtedly benefits beyond just yield, such as reducing costs, reducing pollution, or providing other valuable farm products.”


Psychology In Society online mag. Special issue on the climate and eco crises. pins.org.za/latest.php#

My lovely friend Kirsty is restarting her Qigong class in Firs Field, Combe Down, from this Thursday 10.30-11:30am.

Its been a small class, suitable for beginners, and she really wants to expand her offering.

I love that it's a morning class in the park as is so typical in China.


For sale in Queen Camilla's Garden Centre. "Hmm I really respect the school strikers, I know I'll give Prince Charles 18 quid for a doorstop"

The side effects of school: A crisis in mental health can't be solved through therapy

"Children learn that the things they love should be ‘kept for playtime’ whilst they spend their time learning about adult preoccupations such as fractions and subordinate clauses. Each year they have less chance to manage themselves, until they get to the highly restrictive secondary school, where frequently their only real choice is to conform or rebel."


I'm not going but may be of interest..

"To build and sustain powerful and effective movements, we need to reclaim the radical imagination and ignite transformative ambition.

" Four dialogues and workshops
on the radical imagination & reclaiming the future"

Rob Hopkins
Fatima Ibrahim
Jessica Horn
Satish Kumar
Brooke Lavelle & Zack Walsh
Ayisha Siddiqa
Jyoti Fernandes
Jay Jordan & Isa Frémeaux
Farhana Yamin


On a tomb in Harrow. I'm going to print it up and post it round the house as a reminder to the kids of my wrath if they leave the light on

"The second cluster [of 5 thematic mindsets the researchers identified] comprised terms such as ‘compassion and empathy’, ‘a mindset of compassion and responsibility’, ‘love’, ‘solidarity’ ‘respect’, ‘kindness’, ‘a mindset of understanding’, ‘a responsible mindset, ‘trust in people’s truth’, meeting at a ‘basic human emotional level’, and seeing everyone ‘as a full human being’.

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I'm really posting this here to bookmark it for myself, but some others may be interested. Long journal article entitled: "Enabling new mindsets and transformative skills for negotiating and activating climate action: Lessons from UNFCCC conferences of the parties ". sciencedirect.com/science/arti

"The more connected a network is the more it can grow exponentially - so long as we amplify the networks we want.

"This implies a new understanding of power. Not domination, but power in a network is empowering others through connecting them to the network"



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I went to a talk by Fritjof Capra and Jeremy Lent recently, and one of them said this:

"Life wants life. So we can dive into things knowing we are agents of life itself.

"Change won't come about through individual actions, but through networks, and networks of networks. We have an obligation to amplify the work of others around us...


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