RT @jme_pew Turns out “microplastics” isn’t descriptive enough. We should be panicking about *tire dust.*

“Seventy-eight percent of ocean microplastics are synthetic tire rubber, according to a report by the Pew Charitable Trust.”


CF is amassing a lot of power. With 30% of all Internet Traffic going through CF and them decrypting all HTTPS traffic at the Edge...and able to change any or all of it transparently. This extract from CF's blog reads like a Government/Thread Actor's dream come true....

I posted this on the @DryArchGrowers feed, but I love it so much, I want it here too!

It would probably be more sensible to chop most of the tops of before I pack the veg in my bag, but I love the flappy flowy feeling of the tops bouncing around (reminds me a bit of when I had long hair).

It brings me such joy, and others too. Two or three people stopped me in the street to chat just because I had all this foliage poking out.

I love the beautiful purple stems of the purple sprouting broccoli.

We also planted our winter onions just recently.

On the last of our tomatoes now.

I love to pack my bag with all the tops hanging out, brings me joy!


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Lovely beetroots, making their way out of the ground, more enormous cabbages, fennel and beetroot.

... and for scale, one of our growers with a cabbage


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Definitely feeling the seasons changing, lots of tasty veg still.

These lantern things are Physalis peruviana / Cape Gooseberry (although people also seem to call them Chinese Gooseberry, which is confusing), very tasty!

Kohlrabi (that look like aliens to me), carrots, fennel, red onions, and MASSIVE (and tasty) savoy cabbages


Remember when the Panama Papers came out? Remember that it evidenced a global network of tax-dodging, wealth-hoarding, criminal activity by the super-rich? Remember how literally nothing happened?

I wish people would stop discussing B***d and instead talk about the shitty misogynistic culture that infests the comedy scene (and many others)

Plus all the "respectable" institutions that let it fester for years, knowing full well what is going on.

Fuck his talking points, the guy is clearly an abusive fuck trying to divert attention. Listen to women instead. It blows my mind the shit people get away with.

Kate Smurthwaite can tell you about it better than I can youtu.be/s2L5Y94qj0A

Also, my tech world (community organising) could probably do with more mergers, there's loads of itty bitty platforms each made by a handful of under resourced people. Or agencies making pilots or proof of concepts that don't go anywhere.

I often wonder what it would take to pool efforts more.

Cory talked about the problem of getting lots of "small" people to agree of protocols/methods vs a handful of powerful orgs that can agree. I don't know how to break through that hurdle.

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I just watched Cory Doctorows defcon talk youtube.com/watch?v=rimtaSgGz_

I liked it. It calls for a lot of interop for digital platforms so when they die its OK. Like we could switch from x to Wayland.

But I can't get my head around how it can work properly. Migrating instant messaging seems fiddly but possible.

However most of the interesting things online to me are about groups of people doing things. How to move the stuff that is owned by the group? Needs both consent and technical means.

I've just been in the park where I learnt to ride a bike around 30 years ago and just realised many of the trees will be the same ones that watched me learn to ride 🥰

... and Tony Blair has also been on ~£80k/year publicly paid pension since he left office (as far as I can see from a quick research). He wasn't actually retirement age for most of that time.

(presumably John Major too)

It was actually John Major that introduced the Public Duty Cost Allowance to enable Thatcher to benefit from it.

For people that shit on people that take public money in the form of universal credit / benefits they sure do take a lot for themselves...

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There was some anger at Liz Truss claiming £23k of Public Duty Cost Allowance (which is for "costs arising from fulfilling public duties") ...

... but what strikes me more is that John Major (remember him?) and Tony Blair (oh, him again), are still claiming their full annual amount of £115k each year....

...oh, and this is in addition to their pensions, and whatever other earnings (and they're generally loaded anyway...)

We just reached the 14 million milestone of Fediverse users.
Not a single ad displayed.
Not a single algorithm suggestion.
Nobody pushing hate speech.

Happy milestone, #Fediverse !

Addendum: By "nobody is pushing hate speech," I mean that no company, owner of the Social Network, can deliberately and aggressively force posts with hate speech onto users solely for the purpose of selling more ads. This does not imply that there is no hate speech - unfortunately, this is a problem that also spreads in the Fediverse, and the tools are not always adequate.

#SocialMedia #Community #Mastodon #OSS

How to steal public services the old fashioned way...

I saw a great little poster early this morning from @MMRnmd ,so I boosted it, but the people I know in real life (like my friend and boss) can't read french. Also, I'm really tired of trying to get across how this works with him! I don't need to convince people like you lot who either do read french and/or know how this works already. Really, I loved the imagery of the dominoes, because the steps taken are always the same in my experience, both where I have lived and looking out at the world. Here are the original and then my effort. I did vary the text a bit in english, even between when I made my notes and when I made (ahem) plagiarized the graphic.

When the "traditional media" say things like:

"On the other hand, we now have figures such as [some asshole] who have extraordinary reach – his videos on [shitty platform] have passed [lots of] views – without having anything to do with traditional media."

Do they not notice they are furthering knowledge of said asshole?

They can't seem to help themselves reporting all the shitty things people say on shitty platforms.

Celebrities > communities.
Individualism > interdependence.
Capitalism > comradely economics.

This is the basis of mainstream Black culture. It's been successfully modeled to this and will leave the communities ripe for demolition in the coming years of crisis.

Good question, website!

1. Faster page loading
2. Content doesn't get obscured
3. Not getting tracked by data brokers
4. Not getting infected by ransomware via vulnerable ad networks
5. Forcing publishers to pursue sustainable revenue streams instead of racing to the click-bait bottom

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