Instagram Inhibits Inclusion

They changed the account data export schema (json) in a way that makes it more challenging to parse/structure your own data/posts.

βœ… Challenge Accepted

Not only are we working on Instagram Import, we're also reaching out to NOYB regarding challenging IG data exports to meet EU regulations.

Thanks to @NGIZero for suggesting NOYB, we're ready to fight for data sovereignty.

#pixelfed #instagramImport #dataSovereignty

If you haven’t raised your hourly rates in a year, you’re giving clients a 5% to 10% discount.

The parties say that they love us, and every four years, they promise that they will change.

I put my little Carlin pea friends out into modules now ... 2 per hole, let's see how they do! 🌱

... And the excess sprouted seeds into my salad sprouting seeds for eating

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It's expensive to be poor. It's ironic but true. You get charges and fees for everything. Higher interest rates. Overdraft fees. Late fees. Having only enough to buy what you need right now instead of buying in bulk. Losing your job because you can't afford to get your car fixed. Losing your car because you don't have a job. Even your mental faculties are drained, as you are forced to continually eat low-nutrition foods, "sleep" in miserable conditions, and be exposed to toxins and lack of medical treatment. The lack of liquidity wipes you out. Life really does kick you while you're down.

You can't tell someone trapped in that vicious cycle to "just" get a job or "just" make responsible decisions. Sometimes, no amount of good decision-making can stop the vortex sucking them down. So the next time you are tempted to place moral judgment on someone who lives in poverty, think twice.

Signed, someone who has been both a Have and a Have-Not.

Growing some Carlin peas. They've nicely germinated now.

Carlin peas have a long history in the UK, particularly in The North, but are rarely eaten here now. You likely won't find them in the supermarket.

You grow them and let them dry, so they're kind of like dried beans. That's the kind of thing I love, something that stores well for ages, and tasty and nutritious!

I'm new to this so not expecting a big crop.... but keen to get up close with the whole lifecycle of growing.

Everything else is a distraction ... governments must act now. The oil corporations must be brought to heel.
IPCC climate crisis report delivers β€˜final warning on 1.5C’:

Enjoying the lovely blossoms here, this one blackthorn (I think). A LOAD of buzzing bees around it 🐝 🐝 🐝

Also, had a peek into the wheelie bin of comfrey fertilizer which looks well broken down.

The comfrey root system is great at pulling a range of nutrients up from the soil, which we can then spread around in fertilizer form where needed (I think destined for the tomatoes).

This IEEE piece on the rise of #Mastodon & expanding #Fediverse with thoughtful observations from @tchambers is worth a read.

Decentralized Social Media Rises as #Twitter Melts Down:

I’m delighted to see the Rachel Carson post included & I hope it inspires more folks to learn about her legacy.
(h/t @paulvg)

The author cites being "born into a generation that was still processing the collective experience and traumas of fascism" (in Germany) as a foundational experience for understanding the need for something like sociocracy.

My mind went to a paper I read ages ago that described the origins of neoliberalism as an antidote to fascism (looking questionable now).

So my understanding of fascism is like a humanity-level collective vice we are prone to, and constantly need to be organizing against.

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I had success processing the wild garlic.

I made a load of pesto, with hazelnuts I foraged last year (took 1.5 hours to crack 200g of nut), some Parmesan-esque cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper.

I'm freezing it in ice cube trays for easy use for the next months.

And then wild garlic butter. All the ingredients in the name. Rolled into a tube, once its hardened up again I'll probably slice it up, and freeze and bag it.

Yum yum!

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A successful gathering walk... That's is having a walk and gathering stuff. 🚢

I want to start using hazel coppice as a material, for furniture, shelves, etc, so collected a "sample pack" of different sizes from some local woods (its super abundant here). 🌳

Wild garlic season also recently started! Joy! 🌱

And I found a house plant someone had thrown out, in need of a bit of ❀️🌿

So much abundance.

In case anyone else around here resonates, #mycopunk is a thing.

This vibe makes me happy πŸ„

Got a new book today from @SociocracyForAll πŸ“–

πŸ‘ not too thick

πŸ‘Ž a little expensive (Β£15).

I'm hoping is a nice handrail for introducing principles of self organization into spaces that don't have that kind of culture already.

3rd post-trip ponderings, about horses in the countryside πŸ‡

Are they a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich?


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#ClimateDiary Just saw graph posted by @petergleick yesterday. Like me you’ve probably come across versions of this before but sharing here as this graph, more than any other, brings home the craziness of where we are at. Living at this time is what we are trying to capture in #ClimateDiary

I started a new eating rhythm (not a "diet", although I guess it is too) after returning from my , so far I'm quite pleased with it.

- don't eat when I'm not hungry
- stop eating when I've had enough
- eat during meals, not between
- avoid putting cheese on everything :)

Something like that.

I guess also generally eating lots of beans, seeds, and leaves.

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