I finished my !

I've got a few more blog posts left in me about it. Firstly, here's a little bit of writing about the end -->

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3rd post-trip ponderings, about horses in the countryside 🏇

Are they a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich?


4th and maybe final post-trip ponderings

Private! I noticed a lot of private land, and explored the connections to past injustices that are actually present injustices too.

@nick great to see this and read/hear your thoughts

@Matt_Noyes thanks for reading!

I am using a "writing stuff off the top of my head" style of writing rather than in-depth analysis, so glad it lands somewhere :) ...

For me it's very powerful to be out there in the fields nosing around... becomes a topic for the soul/heart/body not just the head.

... naively trying to make sense of what I see.

@nick Ahhh, sadly the weather is really shitty these days. I can't eve motivate myself to go out for a proper hike, so I totally get you.

There will be sunny days soon, I hope and you'll have another go then :)

@ninabreznik yes, need a summer edition, endless long care free days of joy 🏖😎💃🚲🏕

Getting busy here though...

@ninabreznik mostly doing things sitting at the computer, earning some money in a way that I can keep my sanity... And lots of planning... (hint: 🛶⛵🚤🛥)

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