Made it to my destination, a friends meadow, to camp. My kind of campsite, nobody else around πŸ˜€

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More joy, a little bike trip! 🚲 🌿🌞

Starting out along the same old railway path I used to ride along as a kid.

I'm super pleased with my first attempt at growing potatoes in pots. Old recycling boxes in this case.

I also didn't get proper seed potatoes but just used some ones that were sprouting at the bottom of my potato storage.

Of course have to see how they actually turn out...

Its in part a trial for what kind of food I could grow on a boat.

All this can be yours for only Β£7.45


That's wholesome local shopping for you.....

10am till 5:30pm tied up with legal nonsense. Well, mostly sitting with dog, whilst other people enmeshed in the law, then chatting about it all.

Its very eye opening to actually watch the process of the law unfold in all its mind numbing detail. Trial by boredom.

On the way home, I noticed that I appear to be living in a postcard...

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Still waiting. Courts are slow. I had a wander out, I can forget how pretty this place is....

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Listening to a live Blaze Foley song, and after the song he thanks the dog (presumably one was barking, but couldn't hear it on the recording).

He then says "I don't wanna go any place dogs can't go"

... was very fitting as I'm currently sat outside the courthouse taking care of a dog whilst their human friend is in court.

Seems a good rule of thumb! (Rule of dog).

Lovely food with @eggy66 at the weekend, thanks! ❀️

A lot of it grown up at @DryArchGrowers and picked fresh that morning 🌱

There's a bird on the tree out the window sat at the top of the teeniest little branch at the top of a tree, I love it. I bet they're feeling really smug being up oh so high ☺️

My little pea babies graduated! 🌱 πŸŽ“

I built a frame from some hazel branches I collected locally, some nasty plastic netting I bought, and twine that was in the house.

I dug, weeded, and spread manure, then planted 70 little ones in the ground (and broke the fork in the process 😒).

They seem very dense, but internet told me 2" apart... let's find out 🀞

I used some nasty chemical slug pellets, can't do it wholesomely this time, sorry.

They're looking happy this morning..

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I harvested stinging nettles for the first time! I learnt they have amazing nutritional value, and they grow so abundantly...

I bundled and hung them to dry, thinking to use them to scatter on top of food, esp. so I keep good nutrition in winter when less fresh stuff is growing.

I tied them along a string using slipknots, then the cord with a quick release gnats hitch to a bannister, then a bowline loop on the other end connected to a hammock knot on a light.

These are borlotti beans we grew at @DryArchGrowers last year. They are a thing of beauty! I almost can't bear to eat them... but the time has come...

4th and maybe final post-trip ponderings

Private! I noticed a lot of private land, and explored the connections to past injustices that are actually present injustices too.

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I put my little Carlin pea friends out into modules now ... 2 per hole, let's see how they do! 🌱

... And the excess sprouted seeds into my salad sprouting seeds for eating

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Growing some Carlin peas. They've nicely germinated now.

Carlin peas have a long history in the UK, particularly in The North, but are rarely eaten here now. You likely won't find them in the supermarket.

You grow them and let them dry, so they're kind of like dried beans. That's the kind of thing I love, something that stores well for ages, and tasty and nutritious!

I'm new to this so not expecting a big crop.... but keen to get up close with the whole lifecycle of growing.

I had success processing the wild garlic.

I made a load of pesto, with hazelnuts I foraged last year (took 1.5 hours to crack 200g of nut), some Parmesan-esque cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper.

I'm freezing it in ice cube trays for easy use for the next months.

And then wild garlic butter. All the ingredients in the name. Rolled into a tube, once its hardened up again I'll probably slice it up, and freeze and bag it.

Yum yum!

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