@becha thanks!

I like all those things.

Where I am now I think there is little awareness or concern around the implications of technology choices, and anything alternative doesn't seem viable because everyone is on the normal platforms.

Its tough to break into...


Why aren’t the β€œgodfathers” of AI talking about the massive data theft from artists & their lawsuits eg? Because that discourse is too beneath their genius brains to cover? Because they have to talk about grand endeavors like SAVING HUMANITY? Because their own practices would be also implicated?

Made it to my destination, a friends meadow, to camp. My kind of campsite, nobody else around πŸ˜€

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More joy, a little bike trip! 🚲 🌿🌞

Starting out along the same old railway path I used to ride along as a kid.

No matter how busy the coast gets, once you move away and up it’s a different story. Today’s Daily #Wales is part of the old network of drovers’ roads, this bit still in use, heading to Llety Lloegr - the β€˜English shelter’, one of the stopping points on the journey east and south. #Cymru #photography #landscape #LandscapePhotography

catching up on the little reddit to lemmy migration thats happening and so cool to see all sorts of people joining the fediverse not even realizing it. that they can be followed and interacted with by the whole fediverse and not just lemmy is the most striking part of this situation though this is like a side note or added feature in a list of "reddit alternatives"

@becha thanks! irrational.org is a parked godaddy domain, maybe a typo somewhere?

What potential do you see with community mesh networks out of interest?

In the next city over we had bristolwireless.net which used to run rooftop wireless stuff, but from their experience: "the rise of 4G mobile technology has resulted in reduced reliance on fixed broadband and home phones. One consequence of this is that fewer people are interested in networking in general."


The truth about Jamie Driscoll goes much deeper than Labour factionalism. Here is the reality πŸ‘‡


"'Queer' not as being about who you're having sex with (that can be a dimension of it); but 'queer' as being about the self that is at odds with everything around it and that has to invent and create and find a place to speak and to thrive and to live."

bell hooks


And what I'd really like to avoid is an exclusive insular geek/hacker club that functions as an escape from society into an imagined world where geeks and hackers rule and everything would be amazing (it wouldn't).

So none of the "PEBKAC" and "luser" stuff.


Nice article @neil πŸ’š

And it introduced me the "Digital EcoSocialism" term I hadn't come across (longreads.tni.org/digital-ecos).

My sense is we need local groups that can support local digital needs within an understanding of this wider context.

I'm slowly brewing a sense of how to do this here, but takes a lot of connections to build up first I think.


Today on #RIPE Labs: β€œecosocialism…. with a strong anti-colonial and anti-capitalist sentiment that moves beyond private profit to socially useful and ecocentric production. Digital ecosocialism is the extension of ecosocialist ideals into the digital realm. It is ICT that embeds the values of planetary stability, social equity and agency throughout the sector”. https://labs.ripe.net/author/neil-mather/amazon-doesnt-care-how-you-heat-swimming-pools-ict-and-ecosocialism/ by @neil


"The Hive should create a plan to create a dialogue with local groups in a sustained and meaningful way. The purpose of this should be to ensure rebels understand why having a disciplined structure is vital to our success"

I am wary of trying to "ensure" other people understand something.

I don't think understanding works that way, and I value the insight that comes from peoples own pathway to understand what they need to understand.

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"Make SOS training to intermediate level and follow up SOS refresher training and coaching as a requirement for all Coordinators"

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I appreciate much about .

Some language in latest strategy sounds more domination-based, less self-organising though:

"Extinction Rebellion has implemented a decentralised decision making system in the β€˜SOS’ (Self-Organising System) which is resilient and effective. However, with many new rebels joining and many more expected to join the Extinction Rebellion fold over the next two years, there is a need to double down on its full use throughout the organisation."

Why i don't trust mainstream propaganda talking about inclusion?

I still keep seeing empty buildings and people living under bridges.

So you should not trust liars who profit from trends and minimize legitimate social needs.

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A local social network for Bath, UK.

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