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Oh, and the lovely magic of winter salads...

... which can be combined to make tasty wholesome fresh lunches, all the leaves there less than an hour from picking to my plate, yum!

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Nice to be back at Dry Arch after a trip away 🚲 🌱

Lovely repaired gate... there had been getting a deeper and deeper ditch under the gate as the posts sunk/degraded.

Piling soil improver on the area for onions this year, which comes from council green waste.

First time seeing the blossom on the little yellow plum (mirabelle) tree, oh joy! They are SO tasty.

... and broad beans coming along nicely!

Wow β€” workers at Bandcamp are organizing!

They have ways they've mentioned you externally can support at (

I finished my !

I've got a few more blog posts left in me about it. Firstly, here's a little bit of writing about the end -->

I'll probably go to this year, in Sheffield Friday 16th June to Sunday 18th June 2023 πŸ’» πŸ₯Ό

are you coming?

At SSG we communicate our work load with each other with this pyramid diagram. This allows us to 'take the temperature' of how we're all feeling with a quick poll ("where are you on the pyramid"?).

It's just one metric to get a feel for where my co-workers are at when I'm not involved in their day to day work environment.

I've just published my first ever blog: "The Tragedy of the Non-Commons"

I wrote it in July, frustrated by a Twitter thread about how the Tragedy of the #Commons continues to be taught at universities. I then left it (it's somewhat experiemental) but with #COP27 and #Twittermigration coinciding this week, I just wanted it to be out there. Would love for it to be shared here on our #digitalcommons and grateful for any comments

I had a nice couple of days visiting a friend in Oxford. Now back out into the snow. Well, kind of snowy wet slushy stuff.

A reminder that Musk is using Twitter to massively amplify right-wing lies and extremism:

Also a reminder that Big Journalism refuses to understand why it is unconscionable to be supporting Musk's company.

Twitter insiders have told the BBC that the company is no longer able to protect users from trolling, state-co-ordinated disinformation and child sexual exploitation, following lay-offs and changes under owner Elon Musk.

Current and former employees of the company tell BBC Panorama that features intended to protect Twitter users from trolling and harassment are proving difficult to maintain, amid what they describe as a chaotic working environment in which Mr Musk is shadowed by bodyguards at all times.

"Wherever he goes in the office, there are at least two bodyguards - very bulky, tall, Hollywood movie-[style] bodyguards. Even when [he goes] to the restroom."

I can’t stress enough how unhelpful it is to prescribe mindfulness, gratitude, and positive thinking to strangers on the internet who are going through serious struggles. You can’t help people who are lost in the dark by barfing rainbows on them.

If Twitter is sinking like the Titanic, then Mastodon community servers are the lifeboats. And there are not enough lifeboats. πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

Don't just call people still on the Titanic foolish as you row away. Make more lifeboats, and make them easier to climb into! πŸ‘πŸΏ

The server is currently under a heavy DDOS attack and may not work properly.

The 12,164 other servers on the network are unaffected.

This is part of the reason why federated networks are a good idea: if one server goes down, the others work fine.

The more spread out we are on small and medium sized servers, the harder it is for anyone to take down the network because there's no obvious target.

There are also many other reasons why federation is good:

Ah I messed up the embed config. Click thorough for video if it doesn't show up.

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Also, last night I was camped by a little river, and sitting for some time after it got dark.

I heard some loud splashing about, but couldn't see clearly what was going on, and didn't want to disturb it by shining a light.

It sounded like what I imagine otters to be like. Playful, and making little chirpy noises (the kids?).

Then one popped its head up right near me, and the siloetted shape said otter all over. I felt so joyous seeing that. Otter not so joyous and they bolted.

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