@peter and I had a tech working session today to progress the upgrade, we didn't get it upgraded, but made some great steps towards it 💪

I wrote up some notes over at codeberg.org/bath.social/serve 🎶 (no, not that kind, more like 🗒️).

Once we're upgraded we'll get all the cool stuff like post editing, following hash tags, etc.. 😎

I'm off cycling soon, so from my side there will be a bit of a gap... 🚴

Have added a few more (academic-themed) custom emojis to bath.social, today:

:bath_college: : bath_college :
:bath_spa_uni: : bath_spa_uni :
:uni_of_bath: : uni_of_bath :

Christ on a cracker, the Spar in Batheaston appears to have got on board this ridiculous “Prime” soft drink bandwagon and are selling it for TEN POUNDS a bottle (or two for £16). The RRP for this stuff is £2.

It time for the 2023 Wassail 🌿 🎉 🌳 🍎 🍏 🔥 💃

Celebrate our apple orchards & toast the New Year!

Saturday 21st January, 2pm til' dusk

Hot soup, cakes, warming bonfire and mulled apple juice using apple juice from our orchards (donations welcome).

Find us at the end of Holcombe Lane, Bathampton, BA2 6UW

(see image for more details ❤️)

Okay, #Hometown v1.1.0 is coming out tomorrow! There are so many changes (and I will explain them all in the release notes) but I think I am most happy with the tweaks to the Mastodon v4 mobile layout.

* Removed giant header
* Retractable right hand menu (click the top right hamburger icon)
* Reduced margins overall for a more compact layout

Attached pics: before, after, and after with retracted menu. Note you see a whole extra post in the 'after' screenshot due to all the removed elements.

We had a bit of downtime at bath.social due to the disk getting full (of media attachments).

I wrote up what I did to fix it codeberg.org/bath.social/serve.

Reminder that if you're feeling lonely today, see this hashtag:

➡️ #JoinIn

There are lots of people (myself included) keeping each other company on there, with all kinds of posts from hot chocolate recipes to historical photos to horses covered in tinsel to just general thoughts and chatter.

You can use the hashtag however you want, serious or fun, and anyone using the tag is welcoming of replies and discussion so it's a great way of striking up a conversation.

See you there! ☃️

Have made a (small) start at adding some local custom emojis (well… thus far emoji, singular) to bath.social.

Introducing :bath_rugby: - You can use this emoji in your posts by typing the following, without spaces:

: bath_rugby :

Have you heard of #KidicalMass?

It's a global movement to #cycle as a group on the road to call for safer streets for #cycling 🚲🎶 (a bit like #criticalmass but then more family-friendly)

In #bathuk we've held ten rides in the past 18 months 🙌

Our next ride is happening at 4pm on Sat 7 Jan. Please help spread the word!

#StreetsForPeople #StreetsForKids #ClimateEmergency #activetravel

A cold and snowy morning in Bath, but the dogs loved it! 🐺❄️🐺

Hello from the other side of the pond!

Firstly, I love https://bath.social and I'm going to maintain an active presence there, but wanted to move my less-local presence here!

You'll note that you're now following my new account, but if you're a Bathonian, or just love Bath, then do please (re-)follow me over at @peter@bath.social and I'll see you on the other side! :)

I'm going to go along to the grow batheaston christmas market tomorrow to meet up with @peter who will hopefully become part of the tech team for bath social, if anybody else is around and wants to meet up lemme know!


@nick Ah, amazing! Had just searched on Gandi to see if I could register bath.social (with the intention of setting up a local instance) to find it was already registered. I feared it may have just been squatted-on, so when I found out it was already an instance I could hardly contain my delight! :) Thank you!

Peter Lewis :uob:'s choices:


A local social network for Bath, UK.

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" id="hometownlogo" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="25 40 50 20" width="100%" height="100%"><g><path d="M55.9,53.9H35.3c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3s0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h20.6c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3S56.6,53.9,55.9,53.9z"/><path d="M55.9,58.2H35.3c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3s0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h20.6c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3S56.6,58.2,55.9,58.2z"/><path d="M55.9,62.6H35.3c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3s0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h20.6c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3S56.6,62.6,55.9,62.6z"/><path d="M64.8,53.9c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3v8.8c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3s1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3v-8.8C66,54.4,65.4,53.9,64.8,53.9z"/><path d="M60.4,53.9c-0.7,0-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3v8.8c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3s1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3v-8.8C61.6,54.4,61.1,53.9,60.4,53.9z"/><path d="M63.7,48.3c1.3-0.7,2-2.5,2-5.6c0-3.6-0.9-7.8-3.3-7.8s-3.3,4.2-3.3,7.8c0,3.1,0.7,4.9,2,5.6v2.4c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3 s1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3V48.3z M62.4,37.8c0.4,0.8,0.8,2.5,0.8,4.9c0,2.5-0.5,3.4-0.8,3.4s-0.8-0.9-0.8-3.4C61.7,40.3,62.1,38.6,62.4,37.8 z"/><path d="M57,42.7c0-0.1-0.1-0.1-0.1-0.2l-3.2-4.1c-0.2-0.3-0.6-0.5-1-0.5h-1.6v-1.9c0-0.7-0.6-1.3-1.3-1.3s-1.3,0.6-1.3,1.3V38 h-3.9h-1.1h-5.2c-0.4,0-0.7,0.2-1,0.5l-3.2,4.1c0,0.1-0.1,0.1-0.1,0.2c0,0-0.1,0.1-0.1,0.1C34,43,34,43.2,34,43.3v7.4 c0,0.7,0.6,1.3,1.3,1.3h5.2h7.4h8c0.7,0,1.3-0.6,1.3-1.3v-7.4c0-0.2,0-0.3-0.1-0.4C57,42.8,57,42.8,57,42.7z M41.7,49.5h-5.2v-4.9 h10.2v4.9H41.7z M48.5,42.1l-1.2-1.6h4.8l1.2,1.6H48.5z M44.1,40.5l1.2,1.6h-7.5l1.2-1.6H44.1z M49.2,44.6h5.5v4.9h-5.5V44.6z"/></g></svg>